Top 10 Creative Scrapbook Ideas

Scrapbooks provide you with a personal and unique way to highlight your favorite memories. It’s also in our homemade Christmas ideas for your boyfriend. Starting a scrapbook may feel a little overwhelming especially since the possibilities are endless. We have prepared a comprehensive of the top ten creative scrapbook ideas.


Use a map for a background

One of the greatest ways to make a theme for a scrapbook is focusing on a location. Add a map from your travels as a background to the scrapbook to make it unique. This creates instantly situates and tons of interest in your pictures. If you don’t have a map, you can instead place any printed memories from that location.


Cut fun pictures into shapes


Sticking traditional, rectangular picture into your scrapbook can feel pretty repetitive. You can get some interest to anyone who reads your scrapbook by cutting the monotony of box after box.


Press flowers for a pop of color


You can add the most realistic-looking flowers with the help of Mother Nature without having to be a master artist. Take two papersandPlace a picked flower between them to press it thin.


Use Washi Tape


One of the quickest and easiest ways to add flair to your scrapbook is to use washi tape. Use patterned washi tape to make each photo a unique border after printing them for the scrapbook. It is easy to find washi tape perfect for each photo because they are available in different colors and patterns.


Embroider your journey


Using the map as a reference point, embroider the path of your last trip right onto the scrapbook using a needle and thread. Arrange your pictures along the travel journey when you are done printing them.


Use painting chips


Pick out some pretty colored painting chips from the store. To enhance the scrapbook layout for photos, make unique looking chips using hole-punches in various shapes (like stars or hearts). To get a cohesive look, use painting chips that compliment other colors on your scrapbook page.


Re-purpose photo scraps


You remain with a bunch of photo scraps when you cut your pictures into unique shapes. Use these scraps to make a unique collage instead of throwing them away. You will get to make a unique piece of art especially if you are using a Lifeprint’s photo paper for printing pictures for your scrapbook page.


Turn photographs into text


Turning your photographs into words is another way to use your photos. From a selection of pictures from your trip, turn one photo into the letter “A,” and another into the letter “B,” and so on. Use the letters on some of your pages because they will look more unique than solid colored letters.


Break out the watercolors


Watercolors provide an easy way to add some unique colors to your scrapbook whether you are an artist or not. You can transform an entire scrapbooking abstract washes of colors. You can even color pictures on your pages if you are ambitious.


Use black and white for contrast


You can print your photographs using your portable instant photo printer and the magic of photo filters. To make your scrapbook a different emotional feel, use black and white photographs alone or black and white photographs with colored ones to make contrast.